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Quinces Photo Shoot in Pinecrest Gardens

Meet Sophie...

You would think she is a professional model, but she's not. She's just a bright spirited teen who absolutely rocked her photo shoot! Don't get me wrong, she absolutely has a natural talent for being in front of the camera, but the most important quality to have is the willingness to take direction from me, even if you feel silly! For example, "Look up and away at the trees; pretend they're telling you a funny joke!"

One of my favorite parts of a session is showing behind the camera previews to my clients and seeing their face light up. "Wow, I can't believe that's me!" is what I hear more often than not.

In Pinecrest Gardens we were escorted around the grounds by an employee and had plenty of time to shoot the seemingly endless picture perfect photo spots. It was a photographer's dream!

After we finished at Pinecrest Gardens, we took a short drive to her drama studio, where she belongs to a performance group. This is an important part of her life that she wanted to capture and I LOVE when clients think outside the box for photo shoot locations. Nothing makes me happier than making the session as unique to you as possible!

I had no idea what the studio looked like, but once I got there I knew I wanted to do dramatic lighting on the stage. As a performer myself, it really brought me back to my drama and show choir days!

After the on-stage shots, we went up the narrow staircase to the prop and rehearsal rooms. I did not use off camera flash for these, as I wanted them to look more documentary and less portrait.

I used off camera flash in all the photos at Pinecrest Gardens except a few taken on the stone bridge. I will be doing a blog post on what my OCF setup is in the future, so be sure to subscribe if you're interested! I have a very basic setup that is perfect for beginners, but it really adds so much to the photos and cuts down on editing time.

We finished up the shoot with the floor to ceiling mirror shots and I already knew I would have a TOUGH time culling, because I already had so many favorites from the shoot. This was one of those times I really over delivered because I just could not cull any further! Sophie did an amazing job, we made a great team, and I hope the memory of her quinces photo shoot is something she thinks of fondly for years to come <3

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